Armor from HaDeS XL




Armor from HaDeS XL v2.1

Added Spiderman armor with trigger word: rmspdvrs

P.S.: add "spider logo" to the prompt if needed.

Armor from HaDeS XL v2.0

introducing new armors and variations. Each one is activated with its own trigger word:

nhdsrmr: It is the main armor of the set, a direct variation of the original Armor from HaDeS.

chhdsrmr: A chromatic armor, perfect to mix with the others as it adds reflections and softens the lines of the armor.

hlhdsrmr: Add crystals, more pointed shapes, cooler colors

crstlhdsrmr: It is the new armor evolution of Armor from HaDeS and will be the base of future updates, it adds more details.

Each trigger word can be used separately or combined with one, two, three, or all together.

I hope you enjoy this LoRa, have a lot of fun creating amazing armors with it, and give it a lot of love and share all your creations on this wall.

Cya in the next update!

Armor from HaDeS XL v1.0

HaDeS Armor comes to Stable Diffusion XL with a simple but very attractive first version. I hope you like it and have fun with this model. Don't forget to share your armor pictures with the entire community and give it a lot of love and feedback to bring you an even better V2!!

if you like my work and want to support me, or are interested in information about my upcoming projects or updates to my models, visit: https://ko-fi.com/devildonia.

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SDXL 1.0
<p>Armor from HaDeS XL V2.1 Added Spiderman Armor with trigger word: rmspdvrs</p>

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