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Have some fun with Memes XL!

This checkpoint was created to make it easy to have text generate more accurately and create funny quotes on funny pictures with Ai. It is not always accurate, but it is way better with words than base SDXL. Other checkpoints have different priorities and we wanted to create a Meme Generator to make you laugh. Sometimes Ai has a crazy way with words and a great sense of humor. Not just sometimes, Ai is funny all the time!

Example prompt to cut and paste:

Photo of baby yoda with a sign that says "Call me YOLO"

Simple prompts work well without negative prompts. Easy to create memes for beginners. There is a sweet spot in the prompts that when found can make almost every picture have amazing quotes. The trick to getting great pictures is in the prompts and learning about all of the variables in the settings. Having extra punctuation or words does affect results. This checkpoint taught me how to change the prompts with the results to get better text than I have ever seen with Ai competitors.

This is my first upload and I don't know all of the settings on SDXL or this website yet. Using Loras at full strength might make images blurry or words less accurate. They might work better at lower strengths. Try different picture sizes for different results. You can repeat same seed number as previous image and change the CFG to fine tune an image that is close but letters are off a little and it might fix word errors. If you have suggestions for better settings, please let us know in the Comment Section.

Recommended SDXL settings:

Clip skip: 1 or 2

Sampling method: DPM++ 2S a, DPM++ 2M Karras, DPM++ 3M SDE Karras

Sampling steps: 30-80

CFG Scale: 7-11

Width x Height: 1024x1024, 1344x768 landscape, 768x1344 portrait, etc.

Hires fix steps: 30 Denoising: 0.5

Upscaler: R-ESRGAN 4x+ or 4xUltrasharp

Upscale to 1920x1080 landscape or 1080x1920 portrait.

Use SDXL Refiner.

Please Donate $5 with Paypal on pumpkinsanta.com if you had fun with Memes XL.

Thank you!

Version Detail

SDXL 1.0
It works with great without the trigger words and even better with: IN MATRIX These are my recommended settings: Make sure you have the SDXL Refiner selected right under where it says models. For Aspect Ratio select CUSTOM and use 1344x768 for landscape or 768x1344 for portrait. For Sampling Method use DPM++ 3M SDE Karras. Don't select LCM. Set Sampling Steps to 30 and CFG Scale 9. For seed have it empty. Select Hires.fix and select upscale by custom. Resize to 1920x1080 for landscape or 1080x1920 for portrait. Use 4x-UltraSharp for the upscaler with 30 Hires steps and 0.5 Denoising Strength. Let me know if you have better settings. Hit the RUN button now!

Project Permissions

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