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blur image
blur image
  • 661846626572393126
  • Delicious glowing galaxy cake on a dining table in the kitchen, comfortable light ,romantic light, ultra details ,photorealistic, realistic ,gel lighting, Cinematic, Filmic, medium shot, 4k, Front-light, Cinematic Lighting, volumetric Light, Ray Tracing Reflections, Chromatic Aberration, photography, hyper realistic, 4k, 8k,closeup
  • beautiful and perfect 8k uhd professional photograph, sharp focus, In a stunning fantasy world, a cute 20yo silver-haired girl has black devil horns and beautiful hands, 1girl and a mysterious 1giant wolf, beaming with joy, in bright natural light
  • by Tom Fruin, Airbrush painting, landscape of a 1950'S Luminescent (Fen:1.1) and Electric Vehicle, mountains, Foggy conditions, Movie still, back-light, Flickr
  • A new concept for a supercar, artstation, 4k, high resolution, octane render, unreal engine 5, trending on ArtStation, award-winning, dramatic lighting, intricate, 8k highly professionally detailed, HDR, CGsociety, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, Unreal Engine 5, Octane render, cinematic light, dynamic volumetric lighting,
  •  beautiful girl, smile, happy, close up, (detailed eyes:0.8), (looking at the camera:1.4), interior, ginger hair:1.3, dark studio, muted colors, freckles
  • a dead old and rusty body of a robot lying in the forrest, plants and flowers grow out of the body of robot, depth of field, bokeh effect, ultra realistic, cinematography, hyper detailed, absolute realism
,more detail XL
  • (best quality,4k,highres,masterpiece:1.2),ultra-detailed,realistic,eyeball with face wearing an ornate crown on top of it,detailed digital art by Greg Rutkowski and Thomas Kinkade,portrait,eyes,face,male,eye-shaped crown,shiny crown,gold crown,royal blue and emerald green colors,subtle lighting,vibrant colors,sharp focus,eye lashes,iris details,skin texture,reflective surfaces,sparkling jewels,gaze focused,gazing into the distance,mesmerizing gaze,exquisite craftsmanship,ethereal atmosphere,astonishing attention to detail,meticulously painted,meticulously rendered,engaging expression,astonishing realism,surreal art,eye-catching masterpiece.
  • food photography photo of a burger with cheese, maximum detail, foreground focus
  • high fashion photography photo of a beautiful young asian woman, in the busy streets of Tokyo, striped button-up shirt with high-waisted shorts and flip-flops, full body, under chiaroscuro, dutch angle, shot on a Bolex H16
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