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  • Category : Anime, ghibli, art

  • Wildcard support : CivitAI | GitHub

  • Wildcard - Dynamic Ext : GitHub

Info : This is the SDVN8-Art version for my SD1.5. This model will be regularly updated with many different art styles. First of all, I would like to introduce to everyone the Ghibli style version, my favorite film company. Hope everyone loves it too. In addition, my model is trained from the Arthemy Comics model, many thanks to the author Arthemy, it is a great model.


You can refer to some of the indicators below to achieve the best image quality :

  • CFG : 7-10

  • Size : 512x768 px ( or 640x960px )

  • You can also use hiresfix ( hiresfix is ​​not really good at SDXL, if you use it please consider denoising streng 0.2-0.3 ) or After Detailer

  • Sampling : Euler a

📝 Quality Prompt :

Base quality prompt :

ghibli, (masterpiece,best quality:1.5)

Key :


📝 Negative Prompt :

watermark,text, logo,contact, error, blurry, cropped, username, artist name, (worst quality, low quality,nsfw,nipple, pussy:1.5)


  • Also you can test those prompt tags quickly with my model here : **********

  • I have written a colab site that integrates all tools for you to use stablediffusion without configuring your computer, you can refer to : Colab SDVN

  • I have provided an album with more than 2000 original photos with full prompt, you can refer to understand how to use SDXL : SDVN-SDXLPrompt Kit

  • In addition, some of my models are available on the Mage.space platform, you can refer to: SDVN Mage

Base ModelSD 1.5
Trigger Words

This is a version trained in Ghibli style, my favorite animation studio.I train completely at 1024px, so it works well even at 640x960.

  • Reprinting is strictly prohibited

  • Download the model file

  • Use without crediting

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

Commercial use: None


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