world of fire 1.0




World of fire! it's final made (after 5 days) this will transform your world into a inferno! it can do all colours of fire! (even if a little Smokey),

works best from 0.6 to 1.0 for a more wild style! make sure to use the tag worldoffire!

try making a scifi world!

add Blazing heat, and dissipating vapours, for a even more fiery look!

you can combine colours just try to boost the weight of them, (blue:1.5) ect.

maybe combine it with Navimixu's worlds, or Koniconi's AI's!

i use Navimixu's method for pictures, start at 512x512 with hires fix of 1.5, then img2img at resolution of 1024x1024!

Thanks again for being patient while I made this! (And sorry it took so long!)

Version Detail

SD 1.5
<p>the first release of world of fire! </p><p>it just works!</p>

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