Maria Victorian Maid




Credit: knxo

Wow this one was old. I retrained it to current standards and Isolated her maid uniform. I also made a LOCON version with the same exact dataset and similar config values so download both and compare. It is nice how they are so similar and different at the same time. Anyway...

Works fine with: <lora:Maria_VMV2:0.7>, Maria_VM,

Her maid outfit can be triggered with:


Also If you wonder about her maid bonnet(? or whatever it is called). I folded it into her character trigger. I just don't have any image of the top of her head without it.

As previously the dataset is mostly screen caps as there's not much original art. So no dataset for you, instead I will add the Tags summary. There's some interesting tags in there like her unique garter_belt. So check it and experiment.

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SD 1.5
Victorian maid Maria

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