360Redmond - A 360 View Panorama Lora for SD XL 1.0




360Redmond is here!

I'm grateful for the GPU time from Redmond.AI that allowed me to finish this LORA!

This is a 360 VIEW/PANORAMA LORA fine-tuned on SD XL 1.0.

Test all my Loras here for free and unlimited. Thanks, HF, for Inference API!

The LORA has a high capacity to generate 360 VIEW, 360, PANORAMA images in a wide variety of themes. It's a versatile LORA.

You need to use site like that to view the 360 Panorama:

360° Panorama Viewer Online (renderstuff.com)

I recommend gen in 1600x800 and then upscale 3x or 4x to have better quality.

You can use 360, 360 View to get better 360.

LORA is not perfect and sometimes needs more than one gen to create good images. I recommend simple prompts and not so complex scenes. LORA ends up making mistakes in very complex scenes (for example office interior or very dense forest).

I really hope you like the LORA and use it.

If you like the model and think it's worth it, you can make a donation to my Patreon or Ko-fi.

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Version Detail

SDXL 1.0
<p>It just half of the size of original LORA. 99% equal to the base LORA. </p>

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    Commercial Use

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