Juggernaut XL Tensor Art Exclusive

Original - TenStar Fund


blur image
Portrait Photo a portrait, hyperdetailed photography, by Elizabeth Polunin, blond haired young woman, Alexis Texas, brooklyn, looking straight to camera, sweaty, olya bossak, nepal, very accurate photo, suspiria
  • Portrait Photo a portrait, hyperdetailed photography, by Elizabeth Polunin, blond haired young woman, Alexis Texas, brooklyn, looking straight to camera, sweaty, olya bossak, nepal, very accurate photo, suspiria
  • Detailed portrait of Māori Juggernaut from path of exile shot on Hasselblad 501c three point lighting Sci-Fi atmosphere
  • Food photography, Heart-shaped waffle with cherries and sauce
  • (((Perfect Face)))((cowboy shot)), (((masterpiece))), (((best quality))), ((ultra-detailed)), (highly detailed CG illustration), ((an extremely musculine and handsome)), cinematic light,(((1mechanical Ape))),solo,((upper torso masculine flesh hanging by wires)),((Hanging by wires and tubes)), (machine made joints:1.2),((mechanical limbs)),(blood vessels connected to tubes),(mechanical vertebra attaching to back),((mechanical cervial attaching to neck)), ((realistic hair)), (standing), (wires and cables attaching to neck:1.2),(wires and cables on head:1.2),(character focus),science fiction, extreme detailed, colorful, highest detailed, trousers, Greek Male, Sexy Muscular,Game of Thrones,male,Movie Still,
  • Soft Lighting, Bold primary colors, 8k resolution
  • perfect mix between Carnage from Marvel and Godzilla, with Carnage's red tentacles protruding from his entire body, destroying city, blood, epic, (cataclysmic, white eyes like venom, gargantuan, taller than buildings, oversized, gigantic:1.9), absurdres, best quality, fantasy style ,(intricate details), (hyperdetailed), 8k hdr, high detailed, lot of details, high quality, soft cinematic light, dramatic atmosphere, atmospheric perspective
  • intricately detailed, snarling female zombie, with ripped clothes, rotting flesh, exposed bones, (black background:1.1), rimlight. Surreal, ethereal, dreamy, mysterious, fantasy, highly detailed
  • Super detailed manifold amazing and magical supernatural tropical unearthly light plants and trees on the bank of an extraordinary fairy river , 8K Detailed and realistic face eyes and skin, 8K ultra high definition quality and render photos,
  • impossibly beautiful portrait of alien shapeshifter entity, insane smile, intricate complexity, surreal horror, inverted neon rainbow drip paint, trending on art station, photoreal, 8 k, octane render by greg rutkowski
  • movie still, film still, cinematic, cinematic shot, a woman with brown hair and a big smile is smiling, inspired by Zoë Mozert, realism, psychological horror movie still, 8k, with bangs, josh grover, eleven from stranger things, morning glow, brittney lee
  • Portrait Photo screaming in pain, teenager girl, with closed eyes, beginner, super high resolution, laica chrose, upset
  • (absurdres, best quality, highly detailed:1.2), a pale woman, photo, photorealistic, realistic, cinematic film, cinematic lighting, wearing a white button up shirt, close up on face, colorful paint swirl background, long colorful hair, paint drops on face, slight smile
  • (8k, RAW photo, highest quality), beautiful , close up, dress, (red hair, detailed eyes:1.1), (looking at the camera:1.4), (highest quality), (best shadow), , intricate details, interior, dark studio, muted colors, JessicaWaifu
  • beautiful lady, (freckles), big smile, blue eyes, short hair, dark makeup, hyperdetailed photography, soft light, head and shoulders portrait, cover
  • an illustration of the small medieval fantasy garden house in a town with many cute flower pots and beautiful blue sky scenery, cinematic view, epic sky, detailed, concept art, low angle, high detail, warm lighting, volumetric, godrays, vivid, beautiful, trending on artstation, by jordan grimmer, huge scene, grass, art greg rutkowski
  • Pixel Art pixelated pixel pixel , extremely content happy smile , + / A fit green haired woman on vacation enjoying the local party scene in Los Angeles at dawn
  • A cute monster in the (Shape of an Cube), blue colorful, clutter, ultra detailed, mysterious, scary, perfect environment, cinematic lighting, product photography, unreal engine, 8K

The new Update is Juggernaut Version 7 with RunDiffusions Photo Model with a different Merge Ratio.

So this Version is Exclusive on **********. Since it has some improvements to the CivitAI Version i just call it 7.5

Base ModelSDXL 1.0

Juggernaut Version 6 + RunDiffusion Photo (Exclusive 75/25 Merge) VAE is Baked In

  • Reprinting is strictly prohibited

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  • Use without crediting

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  • Use different permissions on merges

Commercial use: Use on generation services