Gentle Cubism 轻立体主义几何构线




简介 Introduction

这个模型结合了十分柔和轻盈的立体主义风格,温和的几何线尽管对画面进行了分割,但没有过多地打乱重构。在此为大家分享两个版本,其中的heavy版本顾名思义 - 会有更厚重一些的光泽和色调。

This model combines a gentle and delicate approach with elements of Cubism, where the subtle geometric lines divide the canvas without disrupting its overall composition. Here, I present two versions for your consideration. The Heavy version, as the name suggests, features richer gloss and tones, creating a more pronounced effect.

使用建议 Usage Guideline

  • 记得记得加上触发词 - geometric

    Remember to include the trigger word "geometric" when using this model.

  • 当你想画全身照时,如果使用full body则会获得人物占画幅较小的全身图,因此我推荐不使用full body,而对人的足部或鞋子进行描述(例如简单地使用“shoes”这个tag),则可以获得近距离的全身照。

    When aiming for a full-body portrait, it is recommended to avoid using "full body" as it tends to produce smaller figures within the frame. Instead, focus on describing the subject's lower body or shoes (e.g., using the tag "shoes") to obtain a close-up full-body shot.

  • 推荐搭配的高质量底模:Counterfeit(及Counterfeit的vae),Anything V3,Anything V5,ghostmix,AWPainting等。如果你发现此lora与其他模型搭配良好,欢迎到评论区分享你的图片。

    Recommended high-quality base models to pair with include Counterfeit (and Counterfeit's VAE), Anything V3, Anything V5, ghostmix, AWPainting, among others. If you discover a great combination with this Lora model, feel free to share your images in the comments.

  • 对作者个人来说,close-up和upper body这两个tag获得的图片视角应该是丹成出炉以后的最治愈时刻!

    Personally, the "close-up" and "upper body" tags have provided me with the most soothing moments in the resulting images.

  • 其他的没有什么了,希望你们能喜欢这个模型!通过微信(Anson_NgAu)联系我,支持我,或一起讨论!

    That's about it! I hope you enjoy this model. Feel free to contact me via WeChat (Anson_NgAu) to show your support or engage in discussions.


The Light version offers a more subdued style, while the Heavy version provides a bolder and more intense aesthetic.

注 Note:

  1. 您不得将此模型及其衍生版本(如融合模型版本)托管于计划赚取收入或捐赠的网站/应用程序。如果您需要将此模型及其衍生版本用于商业目的(如生成式服务、售卖图片、将图片用于公开发表的文章或出版物等),请通过微信(Anson_NgAu)联系我。

    You are not permitted to host this model or its merged versions on websites/applications that generate income or accept donations. If you intend to use this model or its merged versions for commercial purposes (such as generative services, selling generated images, using images for publicly published articles or publications, etc.), please contact me via WeChat (Anson_NgAu).

  2. 您不得直接售卖由此模型生成的图片,除非您对该图片进行了足够程度的人工修改,使其在法律意义上可以被完全判定为您的个人作品。如果您违反本条,所造成的一切法律后果由您个人承担,请恕本人概不负责。

    You may not directly sell images generated by this model unless you have made sufficient manual modifications to the extent that the image can be legally considered your own work. If you violate this provision, you will be solely responsible for any legal consequences, and I cannot be held liable.

  3. 您可以将此模型及其衍生版本、通过此模型生成的图片自由用于免费/公益用途,包括免费的图片生成式服务。

    You are free to use this model and its merged versions, as well as images generated by this model, for non-profit/charitable purposes, including free image generative services.

  4. 您可以自由融合此模型,如果您发布此模型的融合模型,还请您标注使用了此模型并附带链接,十分感谢!

    You are allowed to merge this model freely. If you publish a merged model based on this model, please credit the use of this model and add a backlink to this page. Thank you very much!

  5. 您不能使用该模型故意制作或共享非法或有害的输出或内容,请您遵守公序良德,将此模型用于积极正面的用途。

    You are prohibited from using this model intentionally to create or share illegal or harmful output or content. Please adhere to moral and ethical standards and use this model for positive and constructive purposes.

Version Detail

SD 1.5

Project Permissions

    Use Permissions

  • Use without crediting me

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

    Commercial Use

  • Sell generated images

  • Use on generation services

  • Sell this model or merges


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