Sci-Fi city , Syracuse Song, Black and Red Doom,SDXL Lora




Introduction: The two styles can be switched back and forth, and anime characters and live-action models can also be animated, and the overall feeling is that the whole Lora is biased towards the comic book style, and then the realistic style will be optimized

This model is a sci-fi cityscape model based on SD XL1.0, and wants to create a good-looking, sci-fi style futuristic ice and snow city and black and red city model.


Recommended weight: 0.3 or more

Recommended size: widescreen is the best such as 1024*1280, 888*1280, etc

Recommended number of steps: 20-50

Syracuse Love Song City - Recommended words: snow, ice, detailed ice

Black and Red Doom City - Recommended words: blood and black, dark red light

Counter-prompts are basically not used and can be explored on their own

  • 推荐权重:0.3以上

  • 推荐尺寸:宽屏最佳如1024*1280,888*1280等

  • 推荐步数:20-50

  • 雪城恋歌城市-推荐词:snow,ice,detailed ice

  • 黑红末日城市-推荐词:blood and black,dark red light

  • 反提示词基本不用可自行探索

Version Detail

SDXL 1.0

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