Niji COOL perfect anime LoRa 优秀动漫模型



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  • <lora:Nijicool:0.6>,niji,1girl, long hair, solo, white hair, closed eyes, sky, water, standing, very long hair, star (sky), from side, wading, profile, dress, wavy hair, robe, white dress, white robe, starry sky, outdoors, night, <lora:neg4all_bdsqlsz_V3.5:1>
  • <lora:Nijicool:0.>,niji,1boy, male focus, solo, necktie, fire, brown hair, red eyes, looking at viewer, upper body, black background, spiked hair, shirt, red necktie, frown, vest, hair between eyes, <lora:neg4all_bdsqlsz_V3.5:1>
  • <lora:Nijicool:0.6>,niji,shoes, nike, solo, socks, blurry, sneakers, 1girl, depth of field, letterboxed, petals, white socks, close-up, red footwear, zipper, light particles, pink footwear, blurry background, sunlight, shadow, pink theme, cherry blossoms, <lora:neg4all_bdsqlsz_V3.5:1>
  • niji,full shot, multiple perspectives, projection, 1girl, curly hair, windy, blonde, blue jacket, red pants, chiaroscuro lighting, disintegration, background: mech factory,(masterpiece,high quality),
  • 1girl, solo, smile, breasts, looking at viewer, double bun, long hair, ahoge, hair ornament, white background, cleavage, hair bun, upper body, dress, simple background, chinese clothes, flower, hair flower, blush, grin, brown hair, holding, twintails, holding hair, hands up, medium breasts, cleavage cutout, clothing cutout, yellow dress, bangs, sleeveless, china dress, brown eyes, ribbon, orange dress, wristband, black hair, orange eyes
  • niji,1girl, playing, dynamic pose,(masterpiece,high quality),
  • (masterpiece:1.2), best quality,pixiv, 1girl, solo, raiden shogun, purple eyes, long hair, japanese clothes, breasts, looking at viewer, braid, kimono, purple hair, sash, hair ornament, cleavage, bangs, jewelry, earrings, obi, purple lightning, mole, braided ponytail, purple kimono, vision (genshin impact), upper body, mole under eye, closed mouth, tassel, off shoulder, large breasts, shoulder armor, very long hair, long sleeves, red ribbon, ribbon, armor, from side <lora:Niji 动漫模型优化器_v3.0:1>

After trying to improve 10 times, I launched this new niji model, the light effect is very beautiful and very impressive, super excellent animation lora, suitable for various animation models, please try it ~


Base ModelSD 1.5
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