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powerpuff girls style, illustration of a girl floating in the sky, scarf, floating hair, close-up, warm soft lighting, sunset, cloud, cloudy sky, (sparks:0.7), (light particles:1.1), volumetric lighting, smug, smirk
  • powerpuff girls style, illustration of a girl floating in the sky, scarf, floating hair, close-up, warm soft lighting, sunset, cloud, cloudy sky, (sparks:0.7), (light particles:1.1), volumetric lighting, smug, smirk
  • masterpiece, best quality, realistic, 1girl, illustration of a girl floating in the sky, scarf, floating hair, close-up, warm soft lighting, sunset, cloud, cloudy sky, (sparks:0.7), (light particles:1.1), volumetric lighting, smug, smirk
  • (editorial close-up portrait of cyber ghost), hack, code, cyborg, sci-fi, sharp focus, dof, bokeh, extremely detailed, intricate, realistic, (film grain), cinematic, POV, shot on nikon d850, film stock photograph, 4 kodak portra 400, f1.6 lens, rich colors, hyper realistic, lifelike texture, dramatic lighting, cinestill 800
  • portrait of a award winning photo of hugh laurie posing in a dark studio, (rim lighting,:1.4) two tone lighting, sharp focus, teal hue, octane, unreal, dimly lit, low key
  • watercolor, Anders Zorn, John Singer Sargent, Elsa, sorceress studying, moody lighting, tranquil, calm, glow, glowing, mystical, magical, rim lighting, fantasy, sunbeam, soft lighting, sparkle, glittering
  • impressionism painting, realistic, 1boy, fortune teller, tarot cards at a table, looking at viewer, dark skin, mystical, magical, glow, glowing, dark magical lighting, moody, cinematic, sparkle, glittering, darkness
  • oil painting fantasy illustration, Dean Cornwell, John Singer Sargent, masterpiece, best quality, everyday life in the cloud kingdom
  • (masterpiece, best quality, highly detailed, intricate), a walkway in a garden with lots of green plants and trees on either side of it and a lantern hanging from the ceiling, Florence Engelbach, tone mapping, a flemish Baroque, german romanticism, cinematic composition, beautiful lighting
  • space thriller movie poster, masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, Bauhaus, shapes, lines, abstract
  • (sketch:1.1), masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, red ponytail, long hair, oversized track jacket, shorts, jewelry, smile, simple background
  • (sketch:1.1), (masterpiece, best quality), 1boy, spacepunk engineer, science fiction, distressed jeans, freckles, gloves, goggles
  • masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, beach, bikini, see-through open shirt, off shoulder, sunglasses, hat, (smile:0.7), very long hair, soft lighting, shiny skin, sparkle, bag, flower
  • (highly detailed CG illustration), (8k, best quality, masterpiece:1.2), (realistic:1.3), (photorealistic:1.3), ultra-detailed, 1girl, (18 years old), blonde short hair, blue eyes, (robot arms and hands:1.3), machine made joints, (fabric black tank top), open navel, medium breast, visible shoulders, blue jeans, (high detailed skin:1.2), cute smile, uhd, dslr, soft lighting, high quality, film grain, Fujifilm XT3, best quality, beautiful lighting, cinematic lighting, inside futuristic lab
  • powerpuff girls style, Princess Zelda, beautiful forest, illustration, (smug, smirk:0.7)
  • (simple drawing, sketch:1.1), masterpiece, best quality, the cloud elf queen busks on the streets of new york, cute, casual, sitting, playing guitar, dark moody lighting, night sky, night, starry sky, glittering, dark, (smile:0.8)
  • (watercolor illustration, soft pastel colors:1.1), masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, elf adventurer lying down in a field of white flowers, looking at viewer, smug, smirk, dutch angle, cinematic, volumetric lighting, sunbeam, soft lighting, mystical, magical, rim lighting, fantasy, sparkle, glittering
  • masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, short hair, platinum blonde hair, blazer, shirt, trousers
  • comic style, thick outlines, (masterpiece, best quality), ((old man)), cowboy western, cowboy hat, mustache, (looking at viewer, explosion, dirty, weathered, kneeling, solo), shattered, wasteland, dark mood, cloudy sky
  • masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, elf bride, white flowing bridal dress, (rose petals:1.3), church, sunbeam, volumetric lighting, close-up
  • K-ON! anime screencap, Taylor Swift, playing guitar, illustration, soft lighting

🔸🌤️ Hello, this is Ether Real Mix 🌤️🔸

Ether Real Mix is a stylized realism model focused on flexibility, hopefully to the point of general purpose use. It still has some shortcomings inherit to anime models such as light biases in generating females and humans.

This model is intended to act as a 'blank canvas'. Add your favorite LORA's and embeddings to customize it to your liking!

Please Share Your Cool Creations Below!

* Ether Real Mix - Version 3.1

Ether Real 3.1 brings significant improvements to style variety, as well as less bias and a refined base style.

3.1 serves as a turning point for Ether Real as I've finally been able to achieve better style flexibility. Previous versions, while quite flexible in terms of subject matter, were biased towards the standard 2.5D style. You typically had to heavily weight and prompt tags to push Ether Real into different styles. By significantly altering a lot of weights during MBW merging, focusing on adding more composition specific weights within more diverse models, Ether Real has much better style variety while retaining its base 2.5D feel and general purpose capabilities.

I substituted Deliberate with RunDiffusion FX Photorealistic and updated Juggernaut to Aftermath. While Deliberate is a great, diverse model I wanted to push Ether Real's photorealistic capabilities while complimenting Juggernaut Aftermath's style.

* TLDR: Better style variety, less biased, Papa John's.

Ether Real Mix 3.1 should be significantly easier to produce different styles, from a photorealistic feel, to simple anime/cartoon illustrations.

Deliberate 2 --> RunDiffusion FX Photorealistic

Juggernaut Final --> Juggernaut Aftermath

🚧 Information page is WIP, thanks for your patience. 🚧

☄️ Generation Recommendations

All preview images were generated with no LORA's, embeddings, extensions or img to img/inpainting. Just pure text to image.

Use whatever sampler, steps, CFG you prefer.

Most sample images were generated with:

  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

  • Steps: 20 - 28

  • CFG: 7 - 11

  • Clip Skip: 1

  • ENSD: 31337

Higher CFG can lead to more vibrant results.

Negative Prompt Example:

"NSFW, (worst quality, low quality:1.3)"

I recommend this simple negative prompt if you wish to achieve a similar style to the preview images.

Alter positive and negative prompts based on the type of style you'd like to achieve.

Style focused negative prompt examples:

* Photorealism:

  • "sketch, drawing, anime, cartoon, illustration, NSFW, (worst quality, low quality:1.3)"

* Simple Anime/Cartoon:

  • "realistic, photorealistic, photograph, 3D, NSFW, (worst quality, low quality:1.3)"

Sample images were further upscaled using Hi-res fix. Please utilize it if you wish to achieve similar results.

  • Latent (nearest-exact)

  • Upscale by: 2

  • Denoising strength: 0.55

Are your results changing too much after Hi-res fix? Please try 4x-foolhardy-Remarci.

  • 4x-foolhardy-Remarci

  • Upscale by: 2

  • Denoising strength: 0.45 - 0.55

🧡 Credits

Thank you to WarriorMama777 for providing AOM and other various mixes as well as detailing your workflow which inspired me to try mixing my own models.

Thank you to hako-mikan for creating the SuperMerger extension allowing a quicker workflow for merging.

Thank you to those that have contributed to these MBW Rentrys.

Thank you to gsdf, rqdwdw for Counterfeit.

Thank you to RunDiffusion for RunDiffusion FX Photorealistic.

Thank you to andite for Pastel-Mix.

Thank you to DynamicWang for AWPainting.

Thank you to Ayoni for AyoniMix.

Thank you to nuigurumi for BasilMix.

Thank you to KondooAI for Juggernaut.

Thank you to Xerxemi and Xynon for SD-Silicon.

Thank you to AUTO1111 for creating the web UI.

Thank you to StabilityAI for starting everything with Stable Diffusion.

Thank you to the entire SD community for continuing to openly share and create.

🚧 Information page is WIP, thanks for your patience. 🚧

Base ModelSD 1.5
  • Download the model file

  • Use without crediting

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

Commercial use: Use on generation services


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