Dolphinmix v.1

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I have been trying many model for realistic and semi-realistic model from many sources for a while and been mixing my own and now I got result that I happy with. So, I just want to share nothing too fancy. This is more like a place holder.

Mix from : Realisian , Chckmix,Anheihei85,Meichidark_Mix, and much more

Recommended sampling method: DPM++ SDE Karas /DPM++ 2M Karas: 20- 40 steps

Resolution: 512x768, 768x512, 512x512, and 768x768

Hires.fix:R-ESRGAN 4x/ 4x-Ultra-Sharp, with10-20steps at 0.1 up to 0.6 denoising ADetailer is recommend for fullbody picture

Version Detail

SD 1.5
More flexible with race and bit more accurate prompt

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