Elven Architecture | a Cabal Collab




The Cabal strikes again!

With our Ringleader and his Right Hand, I present to you all, The Elven Architecture.

Read before using

How to use

  • Add LoRA in prompt, then use the trigger keywords.

  • Additionally, look in showcase images for examples.

Recommended Weight: 0.1-1 (based on weight and model used, the generations will vary a lot)

Trigger: wrench_elven_arch

Helpers/Additional: outdoors, indoors, water, forest, leaves


  • Well, it's not always easy to come with prompts for architecture, so you can use the https://files.catbox.moe/3mrr5b.txt">linked wildcard file to put in various prompts that I curated with ChatGPT and manual editing. Can also use them without this LoRA.

Version Detail

SD 1.5
Initial release of Elven Architecture.

Project Permissions

    Use Permissions

  • Use in Tensor / 吐司 Online

  • Use without crediting me

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

    Commercial Use

  • Sell generated images

  • Use on generation services

  • Sell this model or merges


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