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Prohibited from using this model for any commercial or illegal activities. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. It is intended for sharing achievements only, and any consequences arising from violations are the responsibility of the violator!

I also have models on Civitai, the domestic site, and The creative incentives may vary by platform, so please pay attention and show your support!

This is my Love Power page, subsidizing my electricity bill QAQ. Thank you for your support~

By the way, if you have anything you want me to practice, feel free to comment and let me know. I can try to train and share it (of course, preparing the training dataset takes time). Except for the art style of real people, this is likely the only model related to real people.

I. Model Introduction

  1. Realistic models primarily focused on Asian males.

  2. Strong ability in shaping the human body, with minimal distortions in limbs, hands, and feet.

  3. Specifically avoided affecting the facial region during fusion, so the face is not solidified, making it suitable for combining with character Lora.

  4. No clipping or offset issues.

  5. Due to some overfitting in the UNet, certain tags may not respond as expected.

II. Suggestions for Running Images

  1. I have limited experience with AI drawing of real people, so you can approach it like a regular realistic human model.

  2. You can add some quality-related words in the tags while running the images. They can be useful. If you want it to look more realistic and three-dimensional, use tags related to realism, lighting, and shadows.

  3. You can try enabling high-resolution restoration, but facial restoration is not recommended.

  4. Square, long, or wide images all work well, so you can freely adjust the canvas size.

  5. This model performs well in other types of artwork as well, but it excels in depicting characters.

  6. Please give many likes, provide feedback, comments, and give it a 5-star rating~

Base ModelSD 1.5
!! THISMODEL IS NOT MINE!! Original Owner: _Qing_ I don't own this model but i wil upload it until his original creator claim it, meanwhile the community can use it. if you want to download this model, please check the link and thank his owner for this amazing checkpoint.
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Commercial use: None


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