Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII) LoRA | 7 Outfits




Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII (Remake). Trained on NAI. Tested at 0.7-0.9 strength.

Contains seven outfits including her original and remake appearances, her appearance from the flashback with the cowboy hat, her Advent Children look, and her dresses from the remake.

  • Add "defTifa, white crop top, elbow pad, fingerless gloves, suspenders, pencil skirt, black socks, red boots" for her original look.

  • Add "7rtifa, crop top, arm guards, fingerless gloves, suspenders, pleated miniskirt, black thighhighs, red boots" for her remake look.

  • Add "hatTifa, cowboy hat, brown vest, white shirt, black gloves, brown miniskirt, cowboy boots" for her flashback look with the hat.

  • Add "acTifa, black tank top, zipper, black skirt, black shorts, black gloves, black boots" for her Advent Children look.

  • Add "mdTifa, crescent earrings, purple dress, short dress, purple high heels" for her purple Mature Dress.

  • Add "sdTifa, double bun, china dress, cleavage cutout, fishnet stockings, white high heels" for her Sporty Dress.

  • Add "edTifa, hairband, hair flower, black kimono, sash, black thighhighs, cross-laced boots" for her kimono/Exotic Dress.

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SD 1.5

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