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Raising from the ashes of ArtDiffusionXL-alpha, this is the first anime oriented model I make for the XL architecture. It will serve as a good base for future anime character and styles loras or for better base models.

Should work well around 8-10 cfg scale and I suggest you don't use the SDXL refiner, but instead do a i2i step on the upscaled image (like highres fix).

It's trained on multiple famous artists from the anime sphere (so no stuff from Greg Rutkowsky, but stuff like Sam Yang and Wlop for example). The model is oriented at producing stylized results. I also suggest you use words like 8k and high resolution because otherwise it tends to go too much low detail. Look at the examples. Enjoy!

Version Detail

SDXL 1.0
General improvements Decent at realism. Better at drawings in general and better with Arcane LoRA. Works with LoRA nets trained on DreamShaper XL

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