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BreakAIMixV2 - Have only one Objective: Less AI Feeling & More Real Digital Draw Style.

This model's is Very Unique, i created it for One Reason, ''Accelerate my Worflow" When i do Semi-AI Artwork & Have less AI Feeling.

I merged some model's in it & Trained ''Many Specific Lora Style'' for this purpose.

PS: Use ADetailer! (See below for more info).

Power Of BreakAIMixV2.

  • Less AI Feeling, More Real Digital Draw Style.

  • Different & Creative.

  • Capable of Anime Style to Digital Art with Very colorful Scene.

  • Insane Background Detail & Colorful.

  • Detailed Anime Style & Detailed Eyes.

  • Powerful in Img2img Inpaint TAB. (It's emphasize the Digital effect).

  • Don't Burn with Kl-F8-Anime2 Vae. (Good Colors).

  • Good at SFW & NFSW.

  • Proportions is not bad - (Hands & Feet are Not too bad in it).

  • Work's Perfectly with my Lora's so probably with any other Lora's.

I Heavily recommend to use in Hires.Fix x4-AnimeUltraSharp or R-ESRGAN 4xAnime6B at 0.4-0.5 Weight. (Latent Nearest exact can work too at 0.5-0.6).

I Also recommend to have ADetailer or Use Img2img Inpaint TAB, This model's is deploying his Real Power here. (Specially in Inpaint TAB).

Good luck.

Try it for yourself & Leave a review if you appreciate it. :)

Version Detail

SD 1.5
First Release.

Project Permissions

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  • Use without crediting me

  • Share merges of this model

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    Commercial Use

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  • Use on generation services

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