Katara - Avatar: The Last Airbender - Character LORA



<p>Trained on NAI with 109 pictures (mostly screencaps).<br />Best result with weight between : 0.8-1.</p><p>Prompt activator : katara<br />Other prompt : dark skin, dark-skinned female, blue eyes, braid, choker, jewelry</p><p>Season 3 outfit :<br />kataras3, bracelet, long hair, brown hair, crop top, midriff, navel</p><p>Commissioned<strong> </strong>on <a target="_blank" rel="ugc" href="https://fiverr.com/konanai/create-lora-model-for-you"><strong>fiverr</strong></a></p><p>Reviews are really appreciated, i love to see the community use my work, that's why I share it.<br />If you like my work, you can tip me <a target="_blank" rel="ugc" href="https://ko-fi.com/konan49773"><strong>here.</strong></a></p><p>Got a specific request ? I'm open for commission on my<strong> </strong><a target="_blank" rel="ugc" href="https://www.fiverr.com/konanai/create-lora-model-for-you"><strong>fiverr gig</strong></a> *! If you provide enough data, OCs are accepted</p><img src="https://statics.teams.cdn.office.net/evergreen-assets/personal-expressions/v2/assets/emoticons/smile/default/30_f.png?v=v81" alt="🙂" /><p><em>*Any paid request will not be presented on this page, unless you give me permission to.</em></p>

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