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GlassTech - World Morph 💎

This is my second attempt at creating a world lora following the "Konyconi-LoRA" method, if you don't know Konyconi you should really check out his LoRAs they're simply mind-blowing 🤯

About : this LoRA "GlassTech" is meant to influence or change the entire course of the final image to a dimension that relies solely on: glass ,glass circuitry, synthetic glass, glass fiber ...

with that in mind you must use the trigger word glasstech then pick one of two directions:

  • Sci fi, by adding scifi to the prompt witch was my primary intent with LoRA.

  • Fantasy, by adding magic or fantasy the prompt witch mostly works well with architecture , armor or creatures giving them an arcane eleven look.

further more, you can include the one of the following decorators to influence the style even more : transparent, iridescent, gold wires

Usage Tips :

  • use weight of 0.7 to 0.9 to influence the image .

  • use weight of 1 to 1.5 to use as world morph .

  • adding transparent with scifi works rly well

  • use hires fix for large detailed scenes

  • Mostly use with "Eular a" with a step count over 20

  • rly shines at img2img at weights over 1

Samples workflow :

  1. add the LoRA at weight of 0.9 to the prompt along with glasstech scifi transparent

  2. set the sampler "Eular a" , steps 30 , CFG Scale 5.5

  3. enabled hires fix at 0.55 , steps 20 , Upscale by 1.5

  4. Generate, then send to img2img

  5. crank up the LoRA weight to 1.2 or 1.4, steps 35 , Denoising strength 0.42

  6. increase the resolution for example to 1024x1024 , then Generate

  7. send to extras for further upscaling if needed

have fun and consider rating ⭐

Version Detail

SD 1.5

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