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🔹☁️ Hello, this is Ether Blu Mix ☁️🔹

Ether Blu Mix is a stylized anime model specialized in creating character illustrations with vibrant colors, expressive backgrounds and a painterly feel. Based on AOM3 and Counterfeit 3, I consider this my interpretation of a pastel-mix style of model.

Please Share Your Cool Creations Below!

🚧 Description is currently a WIP. Thanks for your patience. 🚧

* Version 7 Update:

Ether Blu 7, while being largely a weights focused change, looks to further enhance the lighting focused, slightly niji feel of EBM 6 as well as its painterly origins.

Might be a little overcooked. Some prompts and generations, particularly those with heavier quality related keywords and negative prompts, are more likely to experience this. Please use the recommended negative prompts to help alleviate it.

VAE is baked, same one I've always preferred.

Thanks everyone, have fun. I'll be looking forward to your feedback!

☄️ Generation Recommendations

Use whatever sampler, steps, CFG, clip-skip you prefer.

Sample images were generated with

  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

  • Steps: 20 - 28

  • CFG: 7 - 11

  • Clip Skip: 1

  • ENSD: 31337

Increasing CFG can lead to more vibrant results.

Negative Prompt Example:

"NSFW, (worst quality, low quality:1.3)"


Thank you to WarriorMama777 for providing AOM and other various mixes as well as detailing your workflow and inspiring me to try mixing my own models.

Thank you to Luna for sharing your process on creating Kenshi and Aurora. It deepened my understanding of model making as well as inspired me to mix LORA's.

Thank you to hako-mikan for creating the SuperMerger extension allowing a quicker workflow for merging.

Thank you to gsdf, rqdwdw for creating Counterfeit.

Thank you to YozoRaAru for Night Sky YOZORA and Color Box.

Thank you to andite for Pastel-Mix.

Thank you to Ayoni for AyoniMix.

Thank you to nuigurumi for BasilMix.

Thank you to CTD for Dpep4, Xlimo and lightingv2.

Thank you to dolphinz for Sttabi.

Thank you to SatyamSSJ10 for Jordan 3.

Thank you to AUTO1111 for creating the web UI.

Thank you to StabilityAI for starting everything with Stable Diffusion.

Thank you to the entire SD community for continuing to openly share and create.


🚧 Description is currently a WIP. Thanks for your patience. 🚧

Version Detail

SD 1.5
* Version 5 Update: Ether Blu Mix 5 looks to further enhance the vibrant, painterly look with my first attempt at LORA mixing. There's also a lot more Counterfeit 3 allowing for more compositional variety. EBM 4 did a lot of things right; as a base it created detailed, vibrant images reminiscent of a classic anime style thanks to YOZORA. Though, personally, it seemed too biased at depicting characters at a somewhat close distance, typically creating waist-high portraits. Adding more weight to Counterfeit 3 should hopefully add more compositional variety, while slightly reducing YOZORA and Color Box's weights to maintain EBM 4's style. Basil Mix was added as a supplementary realistic model in tandem with AyoniMix. It's a personal favorite that plays nice with anime (booru tag) style models. EBM 5 is my first attempt at LORA mixing. I was initially hesitant at merging LORA's to checkpoints as they might introduce unwanted bias, since LORA's tend to be trained on small datasets. After plenty of testing, as well as learning from Luna's documentation of Kenshi and Aurora, I applied a light mix of LORA's to help enhance the vibrant, painterly style, while also improving background expression. Your prompts might react differently as the base of the model is no longer just AOM3, so please experiment and have fun! Placing "NSFW" into the negative prompt is recommended if you're concerned about suggestive generations or instances of unprompted nudity. Due to AOM3 this mix is might be biased towards suggestive and NSFW imagery.

Project Permissions

    Use Permissions

  • Use without crediting me

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

    Commercial Use

  • Sell generated images

  • Use on generation services

  • Sell this model or merges


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