klee (genshin impact) 可莉 原神



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masterpiece, best quality,  <lora:klee:1>, klee \(genshin impact\), 1girl,solo,(mature male:1.4),large breasts, red hat,pointy ears, red eyes,red dress
  • masterpiece, best quality,  <lora:klee:1>, klee \(genshin impact\), 1girl,solo,(mature male:1.4),large breasts, red hat,pointy ears, red eyes,red dress
  • masterpiece, best quality,  <lora:klee:1>, <lora:0622_watercolor_loha_da16_dim64-000010:0.7>,1girl, sidelocks, pointy ears, maid, klee (genshin impact), maid headdress, twintails, apron, solo, bangs, ahoge, alternate costume, looking at viewer, smile, simple background, :d, maid apron, hands on hips, low twintails, light brown hair, full body, short sleeves, long hair, clover print, orange eyes, mary janes, enmaided, hair between eyes, socks, open mouth, shoes, black footwear, standing, white background, red eyes, dress, black dress, white socks, head tilt, puffy sleeves, dodoco (genshin impact), puffy short sleeves, jumpy dumpty
  • masterpiece, best quality, <lora:klee:1>,1girl, explosion, klee (genshin impact), hat, solo, boots, gloves, red headwear, smile, outstretched arms, open mouth, backpack, bag, looking at viewer, spread arms, twintails, dress, long hair, hat feather, brown footwear, long sleeves, red dress, knee boots, bangs, ahoge, pointy ears, red eyes, :d, blonde hair, cabbie hat, full body, socks, low twintails, hair between eyes, kneehighs, feathers, brown gloves, dodoco (genshin impact), white feathers, upper teeth only, teeth, sidelocks, randoseru, scarf
  • masterpiece, best quality,  <lora:0622_watercolor_loha_da16_dim64-000010:0.6>,1girl ,  <lora:klee:1>,klee \(genshin impact\), red hat,red theme,
  • masterpiece, best quality,   <lora:klee:1>,1girl, klee (genshin impact), food, cake, hat, red headwear, gloves, brown gloves, chair, pointy ears, clover print, teacup, cup, bangs, clock, long sleeves, cabbie hat, arm up, hair between eyes, ahoge, light brown hair, fruit, long hair, strawberry, table, solo, twintails, hat feather, fork, sidelocks, plate, low twintails, red coat, open mouth, holding, indoors, looking at viewer, sitting, hat ornament, dodoco (genshin impact), orange eyes, coat, bag, wall clock, teapot, scarf, cake slice, brown scarf, tea, backpack, holding fork, candle, bookshelf, spoon, saucer, window, strawberry shortcake, tiered tray, blonde hair, red eyes, :o, charm (object), jumpy dumpty, feathers, book, candlestand, :d, picture frame, cupcake, tablecloth, analog clock, birthday cake, smile
  • masterpiece, best quality, <lora:klee:1>, <lora:style01:1>,1girl, klee (genshin impact), hat, solo, looking at viewer, smile, bag, pointy ears, gloves, red headwear, backpack, ahoge, twintails, leaf, bangs, long hair, open mouth, ginkgo leaf, low twintails, long sleeves, cabbie hat, :d, hat feather, hair between eyes, autumn leaves, blonde hair, red dress, dress, red eyes, dodoco (genshin impact), scarf, blurry, depth of field, sidelocks, falling leaves, hat ornament, orange eyes, clover print, brown gloves, coat, charm (object), autumn, light brown hair, red coat, randoseru, feathers, maple leaf, bag charm, clover

tag:klee (genshin impact)

1girl, gloves, hat, blonde hair,long sleeves, brown gloves, dress, low twintails,red eyes, pointy ears, long hair, knee boots, ribbed legwear

dodoco \(genshin impact\), jumpy dumpty, charm \(object\),


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Base ModelSD 1.5
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