DreamShaper - V7!

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Available on the following websites with GPU acceleration:

Live demo available on HuggingFace (CPU is slow but free).

New Negative Embedding for this: Bad Dream.


  • Version 7 improves lora support, NSFW and realism.

  • Version 6 adds more lora support and more style in general. It should also be better at generating directly at 1024 height (but be careful with it). 6.x are all improvements.

  • Version 5 is the best at photorealism and has noise offset.

  • Version 4 is much better with anime (can do them with no LoRA) and booru tags. IT might be harder to control if you're used to caption style, so you might still want to use version 3.31.

  • V4 is also better with eyes at lower resolutions. Overall is like a "fix" of V3 and shouldn't be too much different.

  • Results of version 3.32 "clip fix" will vary from the examples (produced on 3.31, which I personally prefer).

  • I get no money from any generative service, but you can buy me a coffee.

  • You should use 3.32 for mixing, so the clip error doesn't spread.

  • Inpainting models are only for inpaint and outpaint, not txt2img or mixing.

Original v1 description:
After a lot of tests I'm finally releasing my mix model. This started as a model to make good portraits that do not look like cg or photos with heavy filters, but more like actual paintings. The result is a model capable of doing portraits like I wanted, but also great backgrounds and anime-style characters. Below you can find some suggestions, including LoRA networks to make anime style images.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Official HF repository: https://huggingface.co/Lykon/DreamShaper

Suggested settings:
- I had CLIP skip 2 on some pics (all of them for version 4)
- I had ENSD: 31337 for basically all of them
- All of them had highres.fix or img2img at higher resolution.
- I don't use restore faces, as it washes out the painting effect
- Versions >4 require no LoRA for anime style. For version 3 I suggest to use one of these LoRA networks at 0.35 weight:
-- https://civitai.com/models/4219 (the girls with glasses or if it says wanostyle)
-- https://huggingface.co/closertodeath/dpepmkmp/blob/main/last.pt (if it says mksk style)
-- https://civitai.com/models/4982/anime-screencap-style-lora (not used for any example but works great).

NOTE: if you find that the prompts below look "familiar" it's because I've taken them from other reviews and models here, to basically compare my model to other examples. Credits to the original authors. Thanks for the benchmark.

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SD 1.5

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