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Good day, everyone! Thank you for your interest in my model, this model is based on my previous model "Pika's Animated Mix" But what's new? I trained this model on a style which is very close to the style of Niji V5, it has a strong cinematic effect and requires very grammatic input prompt to get quality images! Also the model is very flexible in style, try it yourself! The model comes without VAE! Here are my recommendations: Sampler: Euler a, DPM2 a Karras, UniPC Steps: 28-50+ CFG: 4.5-8 VAE: Any Anime VAE you like. Clip Skip: 1,2 Negative prompt: (easynegative:1.1), (verybadimagenegative_v1.3:1), (low quality:1.2), (worst quality:1.2) Enjoy using it and be sure to share your results! P.S: I hope your results are better than mine! :D Looking forward to your feedback <3

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SD 1.5
Void Style Version!

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