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Hassaku aims to be a model with a bright, clear anime style. Model focus are nsfw images, but also with a high emphasis for good looking sfw images as well. My Discord https://discord.gg/sd-citrus-models-1072156418402156624, for everything related to anime models.

My models: sudachi(flat 2d), koji(2d), yuzu(light semirealistic), grapefruit(old hentai model)


Mage.space with its amazing creators program supports all kinds of creators like me! Preinstalled with 50+ high quality models, join their discord community https://discord.com/invite/GT9bPgxyFP

SinkIn.ai hosts the best Stable Diffusion models on fast GPUs. You can run Hassaku at: https://sinkin.ai/m/76EmEaz


Thanks to my supporter Riyu on my patreon!

You can support me on my patreon, where you can get other models of me and early access to hassaku versions.


Using the model:

Use mostly danbooru tags. No extra vae needed. For better promting on it, use this LINK or LINK. But instead of {}, use (), stable-diffusion-webui use (). Use "masterpiece" and "best quality" in positive, "worst quality" and "low quality" in negative.

My negative ones are: (low quality, worst quality:1.4) with extra monochrome, signature, text or logo when needed.

Use a clip skip 1 or 2. Clip 2 is better for private parts, img2img and prompt following. Clip 1 is visually better, because i assume, the model has more time and freedom there. I use clip2.

Don't use face restore and underscores _, type red eyes and not red_eyes.

Don't go to really high resolutions. Every model, like hassaku, get lost in the vastness of big images and has a much higher chance to greate, as example, a second anus.

Version Detail

SD 1.5
Small update on those things: Slightly bigger breasts in compare on prompts large and huge breasts on some images Slightly better formed hands midrange (from bad hands to slightly better bad hands... on some images it helps) Better response on prompt fellatio with a higher probability, that the tip is in the mouth Details on clothes or bodys (like wings) are less likely to be detached from bodys and is more equal right and left Less extra limbs, ears, animal ears, wings Seems that details on clothes are less random formed out Slightly better constructed backgrounds Hard to determine: Waists seems more norrow, not sure about that What is worse: On some prompts, clothes apear more lose with more "strings" or holes all over the place Be aware that those points are tested over many images on clip2, it can be, that on some images, those points don't do anything or are even worse than before. It is hard to update things with training, if most training material don't look like the images my model itself produce. Need to merge back and forth, so the model itself looks and behaves like before training. It have less changes with training, because of it. Model trained on 150 fellatio images and later merged back with hassaku and a bit of koji. Archived a bit more stability with add difference (on lower resolution).

Project Permissions

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  • Use without crediting me

  • Share merges of this model

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    Commercial Use

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