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VeronicaCipher in a polished aluminum suit desert moon landscape jetpack glass dome helmet clockwork (AtomPunkStyleSD15:0.99) (masterpiece:1.5) (painting:1.1) (best quality) (detailed) (intricate) (8k) (HDR) (wallpaper) (cinematic lighting) (sharp focus)
  • VeronicaCipher in a polished aluminum suit desert moon landscape jetpack glass dome helmet clockwork (AtomPunkStyleSD15:0.99) (masterpiece:1.5) (painting:1.1) (best quality) (detailed) (intricate) (8k) (HDR) (wallpaper) (cinematic lighting) (sharp focus)
  • 1girl, solo, outdoor, cute japanese model girl, kimono, floral print, hair ornament, looking at viewer, hair flower, brown eyes, bangs, masterpiece, best quality, realistic
  • 1girl,Gritty neon, synthetic textures, modded limbs, worn materials, atmospheric fog, rebellious stances, urban decay, layered storytelling, sci-fi tech, dystopian settings
  • masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, solo, (natural skin texture, realistic eye and face details:1.5), (dark:1.4), deep shadow, darkness, moonlight, award winning photo, extremely detailed, amazing, fine detail, absurdres, highly detailed woman, extremely detailed eyes and face, piercing red eyes, detailed clothes, skinny, (gothic), twintails, bangs, frills, skirt,red hair, by lee jeffries, nikon d850 film, stock photograph, kodak, portra 400 camera f1.6 lens, rich colors, hyper realistic, lifelike texture, dramatic, lighting, unrealengine, trending on artstation, cinestill 800 tungsten, Style-Neeko, (facial clarity:1.5),(transparent clothes:1.1),anatomical, gothic style, black lace, half classicism half surrealism aristocratic lady, mystery style tattoo, fantasy
  • fashion photography portrait of 1girl, offshoulder, fluffy short hair, soft light, rim light, beautiful shadow, low key, (photorealistic, raw photo:1.2), (natural skin texture, realistic eye and face details), hyperrealism, ultra high res, 4K, Best quality, masterpiece, necklace, (cleavage:0.8), in the dark
  • The portrait shows a woman wearing a green dress adorned with cactus-shaped patterns. She is surrounded by a collection of various cacti, some of which have bloomed with flowers. One cactus in particular has grown in the shape of her face, creating a humorous visual pun. The woman is in the center of the portrait, with her cactus collection surrounding her. The face-shaped cactus is placed next to her head, creating a visual connection between the two. The variety of cacti shapes and sizes creates a visually interesting scene, while the color palette of greens and earth tones ties everything together.
  • yper realistic,metal,professional photo of a futuristic muscle car with multiple modifications, large wheels, driving, cybernetic hood, cyber car parts, front pop up headlights, science fiction, sci-fi scenario, (night), natural light, cyberpunk, futuristic city, cyberpunk city, neon signs, highly detailed, (highly detailed background), multiple buildings in the background, detailed textures, wide angle, 8k, HDR, professional photoshoot, high quality photo, realistic photo, realistic shadows, detailed shadows, realistic proportions,film grain, raw photo,(front)
  • 1girl,Textured garments, poised poise, dramatic angles, geometric shapes, contrasts of light and shadow, slick futurism, avant-garde styling, high-tech backdrop, crisp lines, ultra-high resolution
  • Best portrait photography, 35mm film, natural blurry, 1girl, sun dress, wide brimmed hat, radiant complexion, whimsical pose, fluttering hair, golden sunlight, macro shot, shallow depth of field, bokeh, dreamy
  • In this lighthearted portrait, a woman is dressed as a fierce warrior, armed with an arsenal of paintbrushes and palette knives. Her war paint is composed of thick, vibrant strokes of color, and her armor is made of paint tubes and paint-splattered canvases. She stands victoriously atop a mountain of conquered blank canvases, with a beautiful, colorful landscape behind her, symbolizing the power of art and creativity. bust Portrait, close-up, Bright and transparent scene lighting
  • A young woman stands on a weathered wooden dock extending over a still mountain lake at dusk. Dressed in cutoff denim shorts and a loose white tank top, she gazes pensively over the glassy waters with hands in her pockets. Her long honey-blonde hair glows in the golden light of the setting sun. A sense of peace and solitude pervades this high alpine scene at day's end as the sky fades into pastel hues and the loons begin their plaintive calls
  • The model's bust is composed entirely of pieces of multi-colored hard candy stacked together. Her facial features are stylized with different flavors and colors of candy - red lips, blue eyes, yellow hair. A few pieces come loose and dangle down, about to drop off. It's a sweet, playful and whimsical interpretation of her portrait. (RAW photo, best quality),(realistic, photo-realistic:1.3), clean, masterpiece,finely detail,masterpiece,ultra-detailed,highres,(best illustration),(best shadow),intricate, bright light

This is a large-scale checkpoint model for generating photorealistic AI photos, which is the successor to the MoonMIX series of large models I released on Civitai. The new version, MoonFilm, is a fine-tuned large model trained using the expanded FilmGirl film style LoRA image dataset and Dreambooth training. The realism of its portraits is significantly improved; if you are seeking a truly realistic texture in AI photos, be sure to try out this large model!

Also recommended for use in combination with the TEXTUAL INVERSION models: bad_pictures and negative_hand Negative Embedding. These two Negative Embedding models can effectively correct and optimize images without significantly affecting their texture.

这是一个用于生成写实风格 AI 照片的 checkpoint 大模型,其前身是我在 C 站发布的 MoonMIX系列大模型。新版本MoonFilm是使用扩容后的FilmGirl胶片风 LoRA图像训练集,使用 Dreambooth 训练而成的微调大模型。其人像真实感显著提升,如果你非常追求 AI 照片的真实质感,请务必尝试下这个大模型!

同时推荐搭配TEXTUAL INVERSION模型:bad_pictures、negative_hand Negative Embedding。这两个Negative Embedding模型在不显著影响图像质感的同时,可以很好地起到图像修正优化效果。

Base ModelSD 1.5
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