FilmGirl 胶片风 Film Grain LoRA



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1boy, male focus, topless male, looking at viewer, outdoors, beautiful lighting, deep shadow, best quality, masterpiece, ultra highres, photorealistic, <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>
  • 1boy, male focus, topless male, looking at viewer, outdoors, beautiful lighting, deep shadow, best quality, masterpiece, ultra highres, photorealistic, <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>
  • <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>, a woman standing on the side of a road at night, 1girl, long hair, motor vehicle, car, looking at viewer, ground vehicle, night, hands in pockets, blurry background, coat, black hair, parted lips, bokeh, jacket, brown hair, outdoors, red lips, upper body, artist name
  • <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>, masterpiece, supreme quality, 1girl, extraordinary creation, unparalleled craftsmanship, fashion portrait, (adorable rabbit ears), intricate updo, delicate wisps, mesmerizing pendant, urban, seated on steps, looking at viewer, chic wristbands, contemporary street fashion, ruffled miniskirt, teasing hair flip, captivating gaze, cool teal accents, lively diagonal composition, daring angular forms, innovative mural, dappled light and shade
  • young 1girl with braided hair and fluffy cat ears, dressed in Off-Shoulder Sundress, standing in a rustic farm setting. She has a soft, gentle smile, expressive eyes and sexy cleavage. The background features a charming barn, fields of golden wheat, and a clear blue sky. The composition should be bathed in the warm, golden hour light, with a gentle depth of field and soft bokeh to accentuate the pastoral serenity. Capture the image as if it were taken on an old-school 35mm film for added charm, looking at viewer, <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>
  • fashion photography portrait of 1girl, offshoulder, fluffy short hair, soft light, rim light, beautiful shadow, low key, (photorealistic, raw photo:1.2), (natural skin texture, realistic eye and face details), hyperrealism, ultra high res, 4K, Best quality, masterpiece, necklace, (cleavage:0.8), in the dark,<lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>
  • masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, solo,sexy pose, pensive woman, voluminous dress, intricate lace, embroidered gloves, feathered hat, curled hairdo, pale skin, minimal makeup, tender smile, dainty neckline, nostalgic atmosphere, still life, <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>
  • In this lighthearted portrait, a woman is dressed as a fierce warrior, armed with an arsenal of paintbrushes and palette knives. Her war paint is composed of thick, vibrant strokes of color, and her armor is made of paint tubes and paint-splattered canvases. She stands victoriously atop a mountain of conquered blank canvases, with a beautiful, colorful landscape behind her, symbolizing the power of art and creativity.bust Portrait, close-up, Bright and transparent scene lighting, <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>
  • <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>, 1girl, solo, outdoor, cute japanese model girl, kimono, floral print, hair ornament, looking at viewer, hair flower, brown eyes, bangs, masterpiece, best quality, realistic
  • fashion photography portrait of woman avatar, 1girl in blue lush Alien Rainforest with flowers and birds, fantasy, octane render, hdr, Dolby Vision, (intricate details, hyperdetailed:1.2), (natural skin texture, hyperrealism, soft light:1.2), fluffy short hair, , sharp focus, night, necklace, Chinese mythology, cleavage, medium breasts, sci-fi headband, looking at viewer, best quality, perfect body, <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>
  • masterpiece, supreme quality, 1girl, solo performance, chic cropped top, vivid red hair, (plush cat ears), sophisticated braid, gentle fringe, captivating choker, (graffiti: 1.5), artistic paint splashes, enticing arms behind back, leaning on wall, gazing at viewer, trendy armband, urban hip-hop flair, flirtatious skirt, mischievous head tilt, powerful expression, warm orange hues, energetic asymmetrical layout, striking geometric patterns, imaginative street art, interplay of sunlight and shadows, <lora:FilmVelvia2:0.6>

This is a LoRA model for generating film-style AI portrait photos, with over 60,000 downloads on Civitai and widely praised by users.

When used in combination with photorealistic models such as majicMIX realistic, MoonMIX, or Chilloumix, this model can produce realistic film-style photos. It is also recommended to use it in conjunction with TEXTUAL INVERSION models: bad_pictures and negative_hand Negative Embedding. These two Negative Embedding models will not significantly affect the texture of the film.

The currently uploaded Velvia 2.0 version is the latest in the film-style series and offers the most balanced blend of film texture and facial effects. Updates in this version include:

  • The image resolution of the main LoRA model's training dataset has been further increased to 768x1152.

  • During the training of the main model, 15 Asian young male film training photos were added to improve the model's realism when generating male photos.

  • Based on the high-resolution main model, a small proportion of the well-reviewed Filmgirl historical version models from the previous two versions have been blended. After multiple tests, this blended model operation can reduce the LoRA model's impact on facial shapes.


该模型与majicMIX realisticMoonMIX或Chilloumix等写实模型搭配使用,可以生成逼真的胶片风格照片。同时推荐搭配TEXTUAL INVERSION模型bad_picturesnegative_hand Negative Embedding这两个Negative Embedding模型不会显著影响到胶片的质感。

目前上传的Velvia 2.0版本是胶片风系列模型的最新版本,也是胶片质感与面容效果最为平衡的版本。该版本的更新内容包括:

  • Velvia 2.0的主体LoRA模型的训练集图像分辨率进一步提升至768*1152。

  • 本版本主体模型训练时,加入了15张亚洲年轻男性胶片训练照片,以提高模型在生成男性照片时的真实感。

  • 在高分辨率主体模型基础上,少比例融合了之前两版评价良好的Filmgirl历史版本模型。经过多次测试,这样融合模型的操作可以减少LoRA模型对脸型的影响。

Base ModelSD 1.5
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Commercial use: None


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