masterpiece, official artwork, realistic, (art by Minjae Lee, Carne Griffiths, Emily Kell, Jordan Grimmer, Greg Rutkowski), amazing depth, surreal, geometric patterns, intricately detailed, bokeh, perfect balanced, artistic photorealism, smooth, great masterwork, dynamic angle, 32K, (Beautiful Detailed Face and Fingers), (Five Fingers) Each Hand, UHD, (Chinese building background: 1.6), extremely detailed cg background, rosy skin, nice hands, smile, (hold great weapon :1.5), (Pink-yellow water lilies are in full bloom in the pond:1.4), cgi render, Traditional Chinese headpiece, hair clip, dynamic move, Chinese style, chinese_hairstyle, shine eyes01,best quality,tang dynasty hanfu, cute,Add more details,hanfu,photorealistic

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