(perfect face), top quality, (official art :1.2), UHD, HDR, 16K, 8K, vivid color, (high quality:1.3), (masterpiece, best quality:1.4), (ultra detailed, ultra highres), sharp focus, extremely detailed CG, cute hair style (illustration:1.2), (photorealisitc :1.37), high contrast, colorful, school uniform, stairs, brown hair, outdoors, serafuku, skirt, bag, long hair, sitting on stairs, shoes, brown eyes, pleated skirt, black socks, cloud, school bag, loafers, looking at viewer, wind, neckerchief, long sleeves, kneehighs, sailor collar, sky, bangs, white shirt, hair ribbon, railing, brown footwear, hair tucking, petals, leaf, ribbon ,slender hands, sparkling eyes, (extremely beautiful, super cute:1.3), (detailed face, rosy skin, perfect eyes, detailed pupil), (cute Hamster:1.1), mandarin orange, dusk, duck toy, adorable, 1girl, solo, (smile), (dynamic action pose :1.2), (looking at camera:1.3), intricate details, (highschool detailed background :1.6) ,Charm of beauty, vibrant color,Architectural100

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