perfect face, (best quality, masterpieces:1.4), (beautiful and aesthetic:1.2), colorful, dynamic angle, (Realistic:1.4), illustration, (perfect face), top quality, (official art :1.2), UHD, 16K, 8K, warm glow, (high quality:1.3), (ultra detailed, ultra highres), sharp focus, extremely detailed CG, cute hair style, colorful wear, (photo-realisitc), high contrast, low saturation, Cute teen, shiny hair, Nice hand, 1girl, solo, (extremely beautiful, super cute:1.3), blonde hair, (detailed face, detailed skin, perfect eyes, detailed pupil), (cute dress, puffy short sleeves, frills:1.2), Hamster, sitting, (hot spring, steam :1.4), mandarin orange, dusk, duck toy, adorable, 1girl, (smile), (waving one arm:1.2), (looking at camera:1.3), intricate details, detailed complex background

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