picture of a (girl and a boy kissing on the bed),  blonde boy,  sitting on the bed,  close up,  cheek hold,  faces close,  holding face,  cheek carassing, blushing,  innocent,  beautiful kiss,  sweet,  caring,  cute,  passionate,  intimate,  love,  positive,  jewerly,  casual cozy room,  full body,  great anatomy,  casual hippie attire,  relaxed,  mandalas, fantasy shapes and waves,  colorful,  mushroom decoration, good proportions, smooth skin, window with forest, (dynamic angle),  beautiful light,  high contrast,  highly detailed, 4k, 8k, HD,  crispy,  masterpiece, digital art,  beautiful,  high focus, very warm tones, (Beautifully Detailed Face and Fingers), (Five Fingers for Each Hand), (5fingers, detailed hand:1.2),(fine fingers, real hands, real fingers :1.5) ,brown eyes,sexy scenery, topless,fantasydi,More Reasonable Details

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