Sentado bajo el cerezo

Imagine the following scene:

Realistic photograph of a large cherry tree, leaves fall to the ground, there are leaves in the air, it is a melancholic but beautiful image. It is a beautiful sunset, with many colors in the sky. The focus is the cherry tree

Sitting at the foot of the tree a beautiful man.

The man is from Slovakia, 27yo, very light and bright blue eyes, big eyes, long eyelashes, red and full lips, blush, muscular. standing hair, golden sparkles in the hair.

The man is wearing jeans, sports shoes, and a black jacket.

The man is sitting at the foot of the tree, dynamic pose. Look at the camera, smile

The shot is a long shot, a wide full-body shot to capture the details of the scene. best quality, 8K, high resolution, masterpiece, HD, perfect proportions, perfect hands.

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