Caballero moderno

Imagine the following scene:

Realistic photo of a beautiful man with a sword in his hands. The sword is very elaborate, the steel sword that shines, has designs on the blade of the dragon sword.

The man is in a combat position, serious, with the sword in his hands.

The scene takes place outdoors.

The man is from Romania, blonde, very light and bright blue eyes, big eyes, long eyelashes, red and full lips, raised hair, gelled hair, blonde hair, black highlights in his hair. Blush, muscular.

The man wears black latex pants, tight pants, and white boots. White shirt tight to the body. You can notice his strong and large pectorals. Voluptuous crotch.

Combat pose, dynamic pose.

The shot is wide to capture the details of the scene. Full body shot. best quality, 8K, high resolution, masterpiece, HD, perfect proportions, perfect hands.

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