(An amazing and captivating abstract illustration:1.4),scene featuring a stunning 20 years old girl,)) with medium long brown hair, flowing curls, With a gondolier's hat, semi side view, donning a jeans shorts and a trendy slogan black and white horizontal stripes tee with sleeves rolled up, (wearing t-shirt:1.3), shorts, (grunge style:1.2), (frutiger style:1.4), (colorful and minimalistic:1.3), (2004 aesthetics:1.2),(beautiful vector shapes:1.3), with (the text "I LOVE VENICE!":1.1), text block. Venetian great canal, symbols, clouds, swirls, x \(symbol\), arrow \(symbol\), heart \(symbol\), sharp details, BREAK highest quality, detailed and intricate, original artwork, trendy, mixed media, vector art, vintage, award-winning, artint, SFW,gh3a

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