Hot rods to EVs MIX 1 Bring some of my old Prompt codes up to the front so they are EZ to get to.

futuristic style, hyperrealism, photorealistic,phgoto studio,car made entirely of Swiss watch parts, mechanical parts, gears, cables and metal parts, red and yelow neon luminescent headlights, futuristic engineering, sci-fi, futuristic car insane detailed, background with great details, highly detailed rober wheels, impressive, 8k, epic ,amazing,on a lonely street in Paris,background with countless details,masterpiece, incredible tires,by Christopher Balaskas, Andy Fairhurst:1.5,cyborg style,digital artwork by Beksinski,caos 0.1,sharp focus,reality pushed to extreme,c_car,H effect,DonML4zrP0pXL

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