Hot rods to EVs MIX 1 Bring some of my old Prompt codes up to the front so they are EZ to get to.

a wide angle action shot of a metalic red and black futuristic race car with race livery car speeding in the streets of neon cyber city, neon lights, cyberpunk car, hyper-realistic cyberpunk style, futuristic product car shot, futuristic cars and mecha robots, 8k octane 3d render, cyberpunk 8 k, futuristic car, sci-fi car, 8 k octane detailed render, cyberpunk garage on jupiter, cyberpunk style , hyperrealistic, 8 k high detail concept art masterpiece, acurate, super detail, best quality, award winning, highres, 4K, 8k, 16k,cyberpunk style,Car,cyberpunk,c_car,H effect,TechStreetwear

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