Quorra v1

Film archive image from the Tron Legacy movie, Quorra driving her futuristic motorcycle with style from the Tron Legacy movie, Quorra has light blue eyes, perfectly defined and with a penetrating and challenging look, her hair is short and straight black, her skin is soft and pale, natural and realistic texture, the whole body in dynamic and confident posture, leaning forward and firmly gripping the motorcycle handlebars. Her neon orange suit is impressive, the futuristic motorcyclist has neon orange details that glow in the dark. . Futuristic motorcycle with bright neon orange armor with aerodynamic and futuristic design with Tron Legacy style with elegant lines and neon orange and black colors that combine perfectly with Quorra's outfit. Quorra's armor has technological details such as LED lights, holographic panels and an energy engine that glows in an intense blue color. Speed: The motorcycle moves at high speed, leaving a trail of orange neon light in its wake. Surrounding: Lighting: Night lighting of a futuristic city, with neon lights illuminating the vibrant atmosphere of the film. Technical details: Camera: Sony A7R IV, captures the image with exceptional cinematographic quality. Cinematography: Cinematographic photography, with careful composition and lighting to create an exciting and dynamic atmosphere. Style: Hyperrealistic, with an extreme level of detail that simulates reality in an impressive way. Attractive: Shocking and action-packed image, reflecting Quorra's audacity and rebellion. Focus: Sharp focus on Quorra and the futuristic motorcycle, maintaining sharpness throughout the frame. Lighting: Natural lighting with subsurface dispersion, which provides realism and depth to the image. Aperture: f/2 aperture for a soft, blurry bokeh background, highlighting Quorra and the bike. Focal length: 35mm focal length, ideal for capturing action and perspective of the environment. Film Grain: Subtle film grain that adds a retro cinematic feel to the image. Quality: High quality image and great detail, with a resolution of 8k to guarantee exceptional sharpness. Quorra should be a mix of focus, determination and satisfaction at speed. Position: Quorra's pose must be firm and safe, conveying a feeling of control and mastery of the motorcycle.

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