Quorra v1

Image of Quorra including all her hair, realistic character from the Tron Legacy movie, (clear, perfect, well-defined blue eyes: 1.5), (full body image on her bed: 1.2), looking forward, (Quorra dressed in neon crystal armor PBR material Bright orange fire-colored luni LED with high detail: 1.3), blue glass eyes, short and straight black hair, soft and pale skin, dystopian, cinematic lighting, orange neon lights that give a great impact to the scene, darkness, neon lights, (SFX film file background and VFX window: 1.3), Sony A7R IV, film stock photography, hyper-realistic, sexy, Alluring, sharp focus, natural lighting with subsurface dispersion. f/2 aperture, 35mm focal length, film grain. High quality image and great detail, 8k resolution.

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