Upper body, best quality, 4K, masterpiece, aesthetic, 8K, 1 girl, full_body, full subject in shot, solo, alone, UHD drawing, ultra quality, sfw, perfect hands, detailed, very detailed, ultra detailed, perfect head, perfect light, perfect eyes, minamoto no raikou (fate), low-tied long hair, purple eyes, high collar, gloves, japanese clothes,low-cut dress ,Cleavage cutout,loincloth, (breast curtain), ribbed sleeves, rope, violet bodysuit, Japanese buildings, {playful smile}, looking at viewer, smile,(oil shiny skin:1.0), (big_boobs:1.5), willowy, chiseled, (hunky:1.6),(( body rotation 120 degree)), (upper body:2),(perfect anatomy, prefecthand, dress, long fingers, 4 fingers, 1 thumb), 9 head body lenth, dynamic sexy pose, breast apart, (artistic pose of awoman),(PnMakeEnh),photo r3al,soakingwetclothes,NIJI STYLE,better photography,minimalist hologram,abyssaltech ,glow,chrometech,xxmix_girl

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