Best Quality, Masterpiece, Beautiful, 16K, (HDR: 1.4), High Contrast, Face Focus, Lens Flare, (Vivid Color: 1.4), (Medium Color, Calm Tone: 0)), Cine Light, Ambient Light , side light, fine details and textures, cinematic shots, warm tones, (bright and intense: 1.2), wide angle shots, A striking color photograph of a 25-year-old woman who embodies sheer seduction. She is dressed in a tiny, revealing black bikini and garter belt, with black fishnet stockings that accentuate her toned legs. One foot is casually resting on a weathered wooden chair, while her captivating gaze holds the viewer's attention. The minimalist background highlights the woman's allure, immersing the viewer in the intense and sensual atmosphere of this intimate moment., photo , (1girl, solo, French braid,shoulder-length short hair, looking at viewer, 
green eyes,A closed-lip smile, 
full body,bangs, grey hair, thighhighs,Purple lace dress
,Brown stockings
,Blue high heels
,square frame glasses,Cleavage cutout dress,garter straps, retro artstyle),

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