(masterpiece, best quality:1.3), top quality, 8k, digital illustration, faux traditional media, (mature female:1.3),  beautiful, anime visual, watercolor (/medium), ultra-detailed full body shot,  cinematic,  diamond, jewelry, ribbon, beautiful, nail polish, magic, tactile, smooth, smile,  shiny,  jewelry, magical girl,  gradient hair, braided twintails, light smile,  hair ornament, dark theme, gloves, wavy hair, lipstick, (mature female), cloud dress, cloud, long sidelocks, glowing, standing, bloom, iridescent, solo,  (stylish),  game character concept,  jrpg,  800mm lens,  sharp focus,  bow,  depth of field,  volumetric lighting,  ((stylish,  vintage)),  (pinup:0.5),  multicolored theme,  studio lighting,  (asymmetrical legwear), shadow,sugar_rune,more detail XL,Anime ,ColorART,darkart

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