(masterpiece, best quallity:1.3), 8k, top quality, digitial illustration, gradients, dynamic pose, a colorful cartoon character, mature female, adult, villain, evil smile, glaring, laughing, dialated pupils, red hair, blue eyes, detailed eyes, finely detailed face, beautiful, expressive, cowboy shot,feet out of frame,intricate details, extremely detailed,  lipstick, makeup, aged up,(fantasy:1.3), bokeh, (hdr:1.4), high contrast, (sticker), see-through cape, gradient cape, hand up, hand on own hip, contrapposto, confident, head tilt, military uniform, military hat, gloves, puffy pants, heels, hair between eyes, sky, colorful, shiny, wind lift, long hair, (low ponytail:1.3), tomboy, cool, serious, smirk, focused, (pants_tucked_in), frilled shirt, hair ribbon, jewelry, sassy princess, buttons, high-waist belt, cinematic, (vivid colors), vibrant, bloom, deep depth of field, rha30,(best quality,EpicLogo

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