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Light Version of my DnD Scene Effect Editor with less Controlnet nodes. It''s cheaper to run, but might change the resulting Image more than the other Version.

Made this to add effects to Scene Images for Dungeons and Dragons (i.e. set a building/location on fire, add fog, change lighting).

1. Select Model (most should work, only there if you are going for a specific style. i.e. Anime or Realism)

  1. Select base Image

  2. Add Postive Prompt (i.e. "make it burn" or "add fog")

  3. Let it run.

The Nagative prompt is only there to fine tune the result (i.e. if it renders Characters in the scene you don't want, add "person" to the negative.

In most cases Stpes can be left at 20. I only added it, so you can finetune your result.

Have Fun.

This AI Tool does not support running

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