(masterpiece, best quality, hires, high resolution:1.2), extremely detailed, realistic, highres, (cinematic lighting, perfect lighting, bloom), young sexy and beautiful woman, adult, looking at viewer, very long black noir hair, ((punk haircut with mohawk)), sensual gold and orange makeup, ash hair, side-swept bangs with curls, blush, smile, freckles, wearing denim vest, biker shorts, high-top sneakers with Velcro straps, slap watch, 80s style Skate Park, A concrete oasis for skateboarders and BMX riders, adorned with graffiti and posters of legendary skaters, sitting,oil painting, UHD, 8K, highly detailed, manga masterpiece, sharp focus, intricate, bokeh, perfect volumetric lighting, dynamic lighting, epic light, intense colors, vibrant colors, chromatic aberration,ckundies,photorealistic,underwear,Extremely Realistic,Movie Poster,ink ,style,More Reasonable Details

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