(adult female, single character, human upper half, Centaur with deer body lower half, hooves, centaur, light tan fur with white spots, centaur with deer body with light tan deer fur with white spots on rump, deer ears, light brown fur body, thin, large breasts, small deer tail, deer legs, pair of small semetrical deer horns on head), (very long dark brown wavey curly hair on head, very detailed hair, small flowering vines woven in hair on head, flowers in hair on head, flowers woven in hair), pirate outfit, excited, full of energy, full body view, attractive, angular face, adventurer, character focus, very detailed, high detail, masterpiece, high quality, saddle bags, extremely high detailed, complex backgroud, vibrant tropical island, detailed tropical scenery, very detailed beach with clear water, very detailed clear water, tropical flowers growing everywhere, very detailed fur, petite lower body, tan fur white spots shaped like flowers, long torso

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