Created by JujoHotaru

Original merged VAE for "Breed" series. You can substitute VAE by specifying this VAE on WebUI setting.

Reproduces sharp details and natural coloring.

Old versions of Breed series have some color problems (getting redder/pinker) on using HiRes Fix/img2img caused by VAE. To fix those problems, use this VAE instead.

Also may be useful for combination with other 2D/2.5D models.

  • "anime" - for 2D/Anime style checkpoints

  • "real" - for 2.5D/realistic style checkpoints

More various other LoRA's are released on my CivitAI models list or HuggingFace repository. Please check it out.

CAUTION : Some sample images' prompt is using NegPiP extension for minus weight.

The model deployment is abnormal, please re-upload/contact customer service.

Version Detail

SD 1.5

Project Permissions

Model reprinted from : https://civitai.com/models/396540

Reprinted models are for communication and learning purposes only, not for commercial use. Original authors can contact us to transfer the models through our Discord channel --- #claim-models.


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