Pet Dragon / Dragon Familiar




Give your characters a dragon companion!

Information re: training data

This was an absolutely massive lora for an online training, so I am still testing which aspects may have “overcooked” by the last epoch. If you want more flexibility in the image, I recommend trying out some of the earlier epochs.

Other info:

  • The dragons sizes ranged from “tiny” to “medium large”

  • Styles ranged from chibi baby dragons to realistic

  • Default aspect ratio was 1:1

Recommended additional trigger words:

  • For very small dragons—tiny realistic dragon, baby dragon (will be more on the chibi side), young dragon (bigger head for juvenile proportions but less chibified)

  • Eastern dragon—long body dragon, wingless dragon, no wings, snake-like body, dragon whiskers, dragon mane

  • Western dragon—wings out

  • Pose or Positioning—perched, on shoulder, holding on to shoulder, over shoulder, in hands, flying above hand, looking at another, looking at each other, full body dragon, etc.

  • Other misc. features to choose from—“variety scales” (for shifting textures and different shapes of scales), long neck, long snout, rounded head, face fins, back fin, tail spines, tail fluff, pale underbelly, furred underbelly, furred dragon, slit pupils, round pupils, wing veining, tattered wings, etc.

Recommended negative prompts:

Undetailed eyes, extra limbs, extra toes, disconnected tail, disconnected wing, extra wing, two tails, less than two wings

Version Detail

Trained by Tensor
SDXL 1.0

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