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The creation of this LoRA draws inspiration from the four symbolic images of the Qian hexagram in the ancient Chinese Book of Changes (I Ching) — Hidden Dragon, Dragon in the Field, Dragon Soars in the Sky, Overreached Dragon Repents. Coinciding with the Year of the Dragon in 2024, it primarily articulates four states of life, aiming to enlighten human wisdom.The I Ching is not only one of the classic tomes of ancient Chinese wisdom but also contains profound life insights and wisdom.

※The images used for training LoRA were all generated by commercially available AI generation systems and large AI models. In principle, if there are no significant changes in international or national AIGC laws, please comply with the relevant AIGC laws and regulations of each country when used for commercial activities and use them with discretion. The user is responsible for any legal issues or liabilities arising from the use of images generated by this large model or LoRA; the author bears no responsibility. Therefore, please use it cautiously in accordance with the laws of each country. Do not use it for illegal purposes. Thank you for your cooperation.







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Trained by Tensor
SD 1.5

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