Leviathan レヴァイアさん || Mythical Creature




Leviathan inspired by multiple sources!

Trained based on various sources that represent Leviathan as a sea serpent!, its appareance has a trigger word corresponding to the how its represented mainly in videogames and suggested prompts that helps with its composition.

Recommended Prompts:

Default Appareance:

leviathandef, no humans, glowing eyes

Suggested Prompts:

water, [Scenery related prompts]

Works well with 1.0 - 0.7 weights


Trained a LoRA based on the Mythical creature Leviathan!, works surprisingly even with its low and incongruent dataset, can be applied to a wide array of generations and even works with multiple concept LoRAs, ill prolly update it in the near future for it to have a less overfitted appareance and make it more consistent and versatile, happy with the results, i hope you like it!,

What is Leviathan? In mythology and folklore, Leviathan is depicted as a monstrous sea creature of immense size and strength, often associated with the deep ocean or chaotic forces of nature, its size is often beyond comprehension, with some tales suggesting it's large enough to swallow entire ships or even islands.

Disclaimer: This LoRA was Trained on NAI so it may not give the best results on realistic checkpoints

Version Detail

SD 1.5
<p>First Release</p><p>-Experimental Release with great space for improvements</p>

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