Eldritch Comics (comic book style illustration)




Stark outlines comic book style

Now with more space!

I tamed the biggest and oddest of misbehaviors from previous versions of the model - now if you prompt for 'Space' or 'aliens' or similar sci-fi elements, you won't automatically get ten planets hovering about the scene. There may still be some extra planets, and the appearance of space I taught it is rather a colorful abstraction and you may get things on a planet instead of flying in space sometimes, but all-in-all the sci-fi stuff is much more feasible to prompt for.

It still has a tendency to make a main subject a little too large in proportion to other objects in the scene, and the main subject may get repeated in background elements, but the former is generally correctible with more specific prompting and the latter isn't any worse than the base SDXL behavior.

So for now, I'm very satisfied with this style. It's consistent, coherent, and flexible. Let me know where you find it could use improvement and I'll keep it in mind for the next time I'm looking to dive back in.

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SDXL 1.0
Now with more outer space!

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